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To be able to listen to all kinds of content on the Internet without a PC, that is a dream for many people with a reading disability!

The stand-alone IRIS webradio is designed to do so without having to use a PC. Just connect it to a telephone line or broadband connection at home and tune in. You can listen to radio stations, live and on demand church services, podcasts, reading services for the blind, talking newspapers, audio books and so much more.

The beauty of the IRIS Webradio is that you can practically listen to all kinds of content from all of the world. There are no longer geographical limitations. Other than sub carrier radio or HD radio you can tune in to an unlimited list of stations and programs.

Our goal was to create a very easy to use receiver that you can use without a PC in order to give everyone equal and easy access to all kinds of content on the Internet. Besides advantages such as having direct access to the required information, the IRIS receiver distinguishes itself from other aids because of its simple operation.

A single rotator and 5 push buttons suffice to enable you to operate the unit. Instructions on what to choose are read out by means of an audible program guide and a single touch of a push button confirms your selection. This ensures that the device is ideal for new users or for senior citizens. An entire scala of information is at your disposal, without your needing to touch a PC.

The webradio can be programmed on your behalf with content from a remote location. Via a secured website you have full control of your own radio. You can do this yourself (if you have a PC) or ask a family member, a local reading service, a church or one of our resellers to do so. You do not need to connect the IRIS radio directly to a PC. Just go to the website and remove and add content to your radio remotely. The next time when you switch on the receiver it will automatically receive the latest settings and updated content.